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Sarvkaamdudhe devi sarvtheerthbhishechini ॥
paavne surabhi shreshte devi tubhyam namostute ॥

cow puja

Worshipable cow
Cow assumes as mother in our country.This practice has been continuing since generatons. Scriptures also depicted cow as mother. This is not only animal.She nurtures us with her amrit like milk. So,this is like our mother.Cow is worshipable in our country.There are a references of cow in scriptures, which is known as “ Kaamdhenu Cow”.It is believed that Kamdhenu cow has a divine power.She used that power to fulfill devotees wishes.

Kaamdhenu Cow

cow puja

This cow fulfills every types of desire. It is believed that people get their wish fulfilled to see her. Her milk has quality like amrit, it means the quality of immortality. These are the main causes to called kamdhenu cow as “maa”. People worship her. All cow also known as “Gau Maataa” in our country. Whoever had Kamdhenu cow, they get all their requirement fulfilled by her.She nurtured her devotees like a mother.

According to our scriptures, our 33 crores gods,worshipable god & goddess and 14 mythical worlds present on the body of parts of Kamdhenu cow.

cow puja

• Brahma and Vishnu on both the horns.
• All the water resources of world at joints of horns.
• God Shiva is present on the head.
• Goddess Paarvati situated at side of head.
• Kaartikey at nose,Kambaalaa and Ashwataaraa at both the nostrils .
• Ashwini Kumar on both ear.
• Sun and Moon at both eyes.
• Vaayu God present on the row of teeths and Varun God at tongue.
• Goddess Saraswati situated in the voice of cow.
• Sandhyaa Goddess situated on lips and God Indra at neck.
• Rakshaa Ganas are present at ribs below the neck.
• Saadhy God is present in heart.
• The place for Dharm God is thigh.
• Demigod is present between hoof,Pannagaa at corner of hoof and fairy(apsaraa) at sides.
• Eleven rudra and Yam on the back, Ashtavasu is present in stripes of back.
• Pitra Dev is present at combined area of placenta and tweleve aaditya at stomach area.
• Soma Devi on tail,rays of Sun in hairs,Ganga in urine,Goddess Laxmi and Yamuna in cow dung,River Saraswati in Milk,Narmada river in curs and Agni Dev in ghee.
• All the 33 crores gods present in hairs.
• Eearth in stomach,all oceans in udder.
• Three qualities in roots of eyebrows,Saints resides in pores of hair,all holy lakes in breathing.
• Goddess Chandikaa on lips and Prajaapati Brahma in skin.
• 6 parts of Vedas is present on mouth,4 vedas in four feet. Kuber and Garud at right side,Yaksha at lift and Gandharv(demigods) inside.
• Khecharas is present in the fore of foot, Naarayan in intestine, Rocks in bones.
Earth,Dharm,Kaam and Moksh present in four feet.
• Cow’s hoom sound is the sound of four Vedas.