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Kamdhenu Mata Mythological Story-

According to our scriptures, Kaamdhenu cow was revealed during the churning of ocean.There are many names of kamdhenu mentioned in scriptures, like Nandaa, Sunandaa, Surabhi, Susheelaa, Suman etc. It is believed that, Kashyap muni borrowed kaamdhenu cow from God Varun for some of his work. But he denied returning back kaamdhenu after completion of his work. God Varun cursed on Kashyap muni. So, Kashyap became a cowboy during the period of God Krishna.

The story of Kaamdhenu is related to God Vishnu’s avatar Parashuraam. Parashuraam is the youngest son of Maharshi Jamadagni and Renuka.God Indra had given kaamdhenu to maharshi Jamadagni to serve her for some period. At once, King Sahastrabaahu Arjun reached to his aashram. Maharshi welcomed the king in royalist style. King thought that how could it possible to welcomed with such a royalist way because maharshi had no wealth. Suddenly, King saw kaamdhenu cow at maharshi’s cowshed and he understand whole matter. So, the king demanded kaamdhenu from Maharshi. Maharshi shown his inability to gave him kaamdhenu and said that maharshi get chance to serve this cow for some time. Then the king snatched the cow from ashram and went away.

Here, when Parashuram returned to ashram, then maharshi told him that the king Sahastraarjun had snatched kamadhenu. So, Parashuram went to Sahastraarjun’s palace and told him to return kaamdheenu. Sahastraarjun said- “I will not return cow and who are you, Go back. I am king. King have right on his citizen’s property.So, return back otherwise I will kept you in jail.” Sahastraarjun ordered his soldiers to arrest him. Parashuram fought with soldiers and sons. Sahastraarjun had a boon from God Dattatreya that none of the kshatriya king will be able to defeat you and he had thousands of hand during fight .So, he fought with his thousands hand. Parashuram killed Sahastraarjun along with Sahastraarjun’s sons. After that, Parashuram return back to ashram with kamdhenu. Maharshi Jamadagni told – “Son! You killed a king, it is not good. So, you have to go for pilgrimage journey as a reparation. ” Then Parshuram replied- “He wanted to arrest me.Then I fought with him. He forcefully snatched a cow from a Brahman. He had proudly, arrogant and sinful king.” Parashuram went to pilgrimage journey.

Here, when the rest of Sahastraarjun sons get to know that Parashuram went for pilgrimage journey. They thought that this is the most favorable time to take revenge and reached aashram. Mother Renuka and Maharshi Jamadagni were alone at that time in aashram. They cut down maharshi Jamadagni’s head and beaten mother Renuka. Mother Renuka called his son Parashuram. Although, he was in meditation in pilgrimage at that time.But he heard his mother voice and returned back to aashram immediately.He kept his father’s body to his brothers and went to Sahastraarjun palace.He killed rest of Sahastraarjun’s sons and returned back to aashram. After that he takes his father’s body with head and went kurushetra. He did yagya and with the help of mantra, join his father head to body and get him alive . He placed his father as a seventh sage in saptarishi zone.