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Goddess Laxmi reside in cow dung

Once upon a time goddess Laxmi entered in the group of cows. Cows get surprised to see her beauty and asked her introduction.

Laxmi Jee told- “Cows, bless you! People known me as Laxmi in this world. The whole worlds want me. I had left demons and they destroyed.I gave shelter to Indra & other gods, they are enjoying. The body get destroyed, where I did not enter. Dharm (religion), Arth (wealth) and Kaam (luxury) can only gave easement through my support. It is my impression. Now,I want to reside in your body.For this, I automatically come and requested you. You receive my shelter and accomplished with ‘Shree’ ”

Cows replied- “Devi, It is true.But you are very flickering.You can not be stable anywhere. You have relationship with many. So, We do not want you,blessing you. Our body is muscular,athletic and beautiful by nature. We don’t have any work from you. You can go anywhere as per your wish.You have chat with us.So we believe gratify.”

Laxmi jee said- “Cows, What you are speaking? I am rare & dearest friend. But you did not accept me. ”Today, I get to know that the phrase, ‘if you go anywhere without invitation only get insult’, is true. God, demon, demigod, snakes, human beings etc. do meditation, worship and religious work to get chance to serve me. You must pay attention on my effects and accept me. Nobody insults me on this universe. ”

Cows replied- “Devi! We did not insulting you. We are only sacrifice. This is due to your instability. You did not stay stable. So, wherever you want, you go. ”

Laxmi Jee said- “Cows! You always give respect to others. If you will avoid me, then everyone will start to neglect me in the world. I am innocent, your server and came to your shelter. So, please protect me. You are fortunate, divine, sacred, protectress and healer, please own me. Tell me ,Which part of your body is suitable for me to live.”

Cows replied- - “Devi! We should have to respect you. Ok! you can stay in our dung and urine. Our both these item is very sacred.” Laxmi Jee said - “Pleasant cows! You do me a big favour.You kept my value. Blessing you! I will do this. ”Laxmi Jee disappeared after make a promise with cows.