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Story Of Maharaj Dilip, the king of Ayodhya and Nandini Daughter of Kamdhenu

Maharaj Dilip, the king of Ayodhya, had no children. Once,they went to ashram of Maharshi Vashishth with his wife and requested him to gave suggestion for child. Mahrashi did meditation and found the cause.Maharshi Vashisht told to king-“Mahaaraaj! When you were returned after the meeting with Indra’s from heave, you did not bow to Kamdhenu who stand at way. You were in hurry, So, you did not saw Kamdhenu Maataa. Kamdhenu had cursed you that you will not have son without serving her children

Mahara Dilip said- “Gurudev! All cows is children of Kamdhenu, cow-service is very pious work. I will serve the cows. ”

Vashishth Jee told- “Nandini cow is daughter of Kamdhenu mata.She lives in my ashram. You serve her.”

Maharaj Dilip start to serve nandini cow. He went behind that cow early in the morning.When Nandin stand, he also stand, when she walk, he walk behind her, also start to walk, he sit after her sitting. And when she drink, then he drink. He even not allow to sit any fly on her body. When Nandin returned back at ashram in evening, he also returned with her. Queen Sudakshina worship her in the evening and morning & light the lamp near to her in the night.Maharaaj Dilip sleep on the floor of cowshed near cows. Maharaaj Dilip was served Nandini with great diligence and care for a month.

King Dilip get busy to see beautiful flower and Nadini went ahead, on the day was to be completed one month. After two or three minutes, he heard a very tragic sound of burping cow. When King reached at that place, he found that a lion captured that cow in his mouth near a waterfall. King plated bow to killed the lion and released the cow, but when he take arrow from quiver, his right hand got stuck with quicker.

Lion said to surprised king Dilip in human voice- “Raajan! I am not an ordinary lion. I am devotee of God Shiva. Now you go back. There is no fault to left those work which you could not be able to do. I am hungry. The cow had come here with my fate. So, that I could ate her.”

King Dilip said very politely- “You are devotee of God Shiva. So, I bow you. Have chat & stay with true-man for a moment and made them friend. If you gave me your introduction then kindly do one more favor to me graciously, leave this cow. And eat me instead of her.”

Lion suggested to king that the king should not have to sacrifice life for a cow. They can donate thousands of cows to their guru and can serve & protect thousands of cows in their life. But King DIlip was consistent on his word. It is better to leave her life instead of sacrifice a cow, who retain on him.Lastly, lion accepted to leave the cow in return of him. King’s hand removed off from quiver. He kept his bow and quiver aside and sat next to lion.

King DIlip assumed that now the lion jump on him and killed. But, rain of flowers started from sky on him. Nandini called him in human voice- “Mahaaraj! Get up. There is no lion here, I shown you an illusion to examine you. Now you make a bowl from leaves to suck my milk in that bowl and drink it.You must blessed with talented and royal son. ”

King get up. He bow down to that Kamdhenu cow and said – “Mother! Your calf have first right on your milk.After that rest of the milk is for gurudev.I can only take some amount of milk by the order of gurudev after return back to ashram.”

Nandini get pleased of king’s devotion towards guru and religiousness. King drunk little amount of nandini’s milk to get permission from gurudev, when he return back to ashram in the evening. After some time King blessed with son.